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03. CAPE Physics

Join us, as we take students through the entire CAPE Physics syllabus (both Unit 1 & 2 available) as outlined by the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago. We know that each student faces different challenges either at school, or academically, trying their best to keep up with the class. At New Journey Academy, we assist students in building a strong foundation, by thoroughly explaining every topic, along with sufficient practice. This is done to create an overall competent, confident student, capable of approaching any question/s given at school and to enter their examinations fully prepared.

We know how important these exams are to both parents and students, as successfully completing these exams signify the beginning of a new journey to the world of work or University, especially being accepted into the Degree of their choice. 

How to register, EASY! 

  1. Using our website, first make a FREE account with New Journey Academy. 

  2. Then, login with your new account and simply click the link below to fill out the online registration form. 

  3. You will then be contacted via a phone call and WhatsApp for confirmation. 

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